Barb's Bits


I have always had a fascination with purses, or any bag. Even used a backpack for a while. My fascination has no boundaries. I like purses-any kind. I am not obsessed with any style or color, trust me, I've had them all. I have always loved Vera Bradley ones, but that love has been put on the back burner. I really loved them when they were handmade in Fort Wayne, but unfortunately, they are not made overseas and the quality is not as good. Will I still buy Vera? Probably, if they ever have the huge outlet sale in Fort Wayne again. I have a leather purse that is at least 20 years old.

Don't know where or where I began to love purses. I don't remember having many as a kid. I remember when metallic ones were all the rage in high school. Yep, I had one. I never buy expensive ones-I have a limit I will spend on purses and shoes. However, I haven't bought a purse all year and maybe last year. This year I don't need one to stay home. Maybe I am over the fascination. Time will tell.